Supplier of system solutions in commercial measurement
Supplier of system solutions in commercial measurement
Supplier of system solutions in commercial measurement
Application Area
military industry, research institutes, digital 3C, generalmachinery, mold manufacturing, automobiles, rail transit, optical components,medical devices, new energy and other industries.
Rhine Precision can flexibly deal with themeasurement of many precisionmechanical parts and equipment inaerospace. For example, for themeasurement of aero-engine blades, afixed bridge coordinate measuringmachine can be used to configure a fixedscanning probe which can successfullysolve the measurement requirements
Military industry
It is produced by military enterprises designated by the industrial sector, including the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Commission, although many factories that have received orders are not directly involved in the research and development of corresponding projects
3C Consumer Electronics
Rhine Precision coordinate measuringmachine is suitable for geometriccontour measurement such as complexcurved surface shape, and can easilymeet the precision and smallmeasurement requirements of electronicindustry.
Machinery industry
The safety of medical devices is veryimportant. The use of Rhine Precisioncoordinate measuring machine candetect the core parts of medical deviceswith very small size, soft and transparentmaterials and complex shapes, and ensurethe excellent quality of medical devices.
Mold industry
The main task of using measurement equipment in the field of mold manufacturing is to ensure that the product meets the requirements of tolerance. Therefore, selecting an appropriate measurement system based on the size and tolerance requirements of components is the focus of selecting and using measurement systems for such enterprises. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider a certain expansion capacity and future requirements.
Automobile industry
Automobile parts have high qualityrequirements,large quantities anddifferent shapes. Rhine Precision is an idealchoice for geometric measurement andquality control of automobile parts byoptimizing the combination of measure-ment system host, probe system andsoftware.
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Professional pre-sale purchase consultation andafter-sale support service system can efficientlyand quickly solve your measurement needs..
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Complete scheme
To provide you with a complete set of productmeasurement solutions, such as measuring seats,measuring heads, software, etc., which areindependently developed
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Measurement software
Top-of-the-line SuperDMIS and AtuoDMSsoftware provide you with practical operationperformance and authoritative measurementresults.
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LaiYin Measurement Technology
LaiYin Measurement Technology anational high-tech enterprise hatched and invested by ResearchInstitute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen (RITS), is mainlyengaged in the research and development, production and serviceof precision measuring equipment and core components,intelligent control and advanced manufacturing products. Guidedby "Tsinghua Technology, Spacecraft Quality" and adhering to thedevelopment concept of "high-end machine, independentcomponents, accurate measurement, stability and reliability", thecompany is committed to becoming a well-known enterprise andsystem
Honorary certificate
To be a well-known enterprise in the field ofprecision measurement and advancedmanufacturing at home and abroad
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