The gantry-type large-scale coordinate measuring machine is the first choice for themeasurement of super-large products. The whole machine adopts gantry structure, whichprovides accurate and fast measurement solutions for large-sized and super-sizedworkpieces, and is suitable for automobile manufacturing, aerospace and other industries

Unique large space openness:

The whole machine adopts large gantry bridgestructure, which can provide accurate and fastmeasurement solutions for oversize workpieces.In addition, it is also equipped with a mobileworkbench, which is convenient for mobile loadingand unloading during measurement

Good rigidity, fast and accurate positioning:

Third, the shaft adopts gear and rack transmissionwhich can eliminate the return clearance devicewith high rigidity and good positioning characteristics.

Double grating double drive system:

All three axes adopt high-resolution grating andreading head, and the Y-direction stroke is super longDouble grating and double drive system can beconfigured, which can effectively reduce the yaw error.

Support multiple trigger and scanning probes:

Multiple trigger and scanning probes can be configuredto realize high-precision and high-speed measurementof complex curved surfaces.

Closed hydrostatic air-floating guide rail:

Y-axis guide rail can realize high-precision, high-strengthand super-long smooth splicing, right quide rail adoptsdovetail structure, and closed aerostatic quide rail hashigh rigidity and good stability.


Model X axis Y axis Z axis MPEe MPEp
 203010 2000 3000 1000 6.0+L/300 8.0