The classic mobile bridge CMM adopts the classic bridge structure, providing various sizes,and the design of high-rigidity air-floating guide rail surrounded by four sides ensures thebest dynamic performance. By rationalizing weight reduction, high-speed and accuratemeasurement can be realized while ensuring the structural rigidity of the whole machine.

Fast measuring speed:

The acceleration and speed of the classic mobilebridge CMM can reach 1000mm/s and 700mm/srespectively.

Configurable scanning probe:

Lihe Precision classic mobile bridge coordinatemeasuring machine can be equipped withscanning probe, which can realize fast curvedsurface scanning measurement of many precisionand complex products.

Lighter and more stable overall design:

The whole structure is modularized on the basisof high-precision mobile bridge coordinatemeasuring machine, which not only achieves highrigidity and light weight, but also greatly saves theuse cost.

Three-axis transmission module:

The three shafts are driven by flat belt withoutbacklash,so the mechanical vibration is small,which can eliminate the jitter in high-speedmeasurement and ensure the accuracy in place


Model Measuring range Accuracy CZ10T+CF20 Accuracy PH10M+SP25 Size Weight
X axis Y axis Z axis MPEe MPEp MPEe MPEp
Polaris 686 600 800 600 2.0+L/400 2.2 1.0+L/400 1.2 1520*1590*2982 3000
Polaris 8106 800 1000 600 2.2+L/400 2.5 1.3+L/400 1.5 1720*1790*2982 3200