Differences between fully automatic and manual imagers

Image measuring instruments can be divided into automatic image measuring instruments and hand operated image measuring instruments. The differences between the two are mainly manifested in the following aspects: the fully automatic image measuring instrument technology is highly efficient. When the manual anime image measuring instrument is used for batch measurement of the same workpiece, it needs to be manually moved one by one. Occasionally, it has to rotate as many turns as a cow's hair one day, and still can only complete the limited measurement of dozens of complex workpieces, which is inefficient.

The fully automatic image measuring instrument can create CNC coordinate data through sample measurement, drawing calculation, CNC data export, and other methods. It can move from the instrument to one destination, implement various measurement operations, and then economize on labor to popularize efficiency. The operating personnel are easy and efficient with the working ability of dozens of times that of a hand operated image measuring instrument. In the instrument industry, there are many other types of instruments, and which instruments have their own prosperity in their respective fields. Precision measuring instruments, as an industry in the field of instruments, have a different track of prosperity from other types of instruments. Fully motorized instruments are relatively easy to contain, so if you're okay, you can establish yourself as okay.

The operation of a hand operated image measuring instrument for measuring the distance between two points A and B is as follows: first shake the X and Y target handles to move and aim at point A, then lock the platform, change hands to operate the computer, and click the mouse to determine; Open the platform again, shake your hand to point B, and repeat the above steps to determine point B. The previous click of the mouse is to read the displacement value of the optical ruler at that point into the planning machine. When the values of all points are read in, the ability to manipulate the planning effect is performed. This low-level decoration is like a skilled "building block puzzle", with full efficacy and control being distinguished and held; Shake the handle and click the mouse; When hand shaking, it is also necessary to beware of being average, light and slow, and not allowed to hover; Generally, it takes about a few seconds for a fluent operator to perform a rough isolation measurement.