MACC series is a high-speed and high-precision control system with integrated drive andcontrol, which is suitable for various types of CMM. It has built-in high-performance DSPmotion controller and motor driver, integrated trigger and scanning probe signal interfaceand indexing seat interface. The whole machine has compact structure and few connectingcables, which can realize high-speed and high-precision motion control and ensure accuratemeasurement results.

Product features:

Strict selection of supply chain and quality inspection, and then strict environmental testing to ensure the reliability of

High integration, integrated drive and control design, integrated power supply and motor drive, compact structure.

High reliability, all products have undergone rigorous environmental tests to ensure the reliability of work.

Excellent performance, integrated DSP and FPGA, excellent motion control ability and accurate measurement data

Debugging is convenient, and the software setting guide guides users to set and adjust parameters conveniently.

Adopting international standard l+ +DME interface, and adapting to various general DMIS software.

The hand manipulator is ergonomically designed, which is simple, intuitive, concise, firm and durable.

Function/specification MACC3000 MACC5000
Measurement software interface I+ + interface I+ + interface
Number of integrated drive shafts 3 5
Communication interface with PC Ethernet Ethernet
Integrated power supply - -
Trigger measurement function
Scanning interface - -
Trigger interface
Automatic seat measuring interface
Analog output (±10V) - -
Temperature sensor 16-circuit 16-circuit
Rated power (W) 500 550