Common Hardware Instruments and Tools in Precision Measurement

In the production of modern industry, we often use various detection instruments, among which precision measurement instruments are the main ones.

Among the precision measurement instruments, there are many detection instruments, such as the anime image measurement instrument. Let's introduce the common precision detection instruments in our cognition?

First of all, the first precision measuring instrument we are familiar with is the anime image measuring instrument, also known as the image measuring instrument, anime image instrument, or anime for short, which is one of the most widely used precision measuring instruments. The so-called anime image measuring instrument is a kind of image measuring instrument that mainly detects two-dimensional data of workpiece.

Since the anime image measuring instrument is mainly used for two-dimensional detection, we have developed and produced the third dimension on the basis of the anime, which is often referred to as the three coordinate measuring machine or the three coordinate measuring instrument. It has the function of height detection on the basis of length and width detection, and is the main detection instrument for mold detection.

In the use of anime image measuring instrument and three-dimensional measuring machine, we will divide them into manual and automatic anime and three-dimensional according to the operation mode of the instrument. In the current market, we use CNC anime and CNC three-dimensional more commonly, because they can more accurately detect the parameters and data we need, and the operation is more convenient.

Among the commonly used instruments of precision measuring instruments, there is a special high-precision measuring instrument besides the anime imager and the third dimension measuring instrument. This is the 2.5 dimension measuring instrument between the anime and the three coordinates. It is based on the anime with a probe to realize the function of simple three-dimensional detection, which is why we call it 2.5 dimension measuring instrument.

Whether it is the MUMA anime, NV full-automatic image measuring instrument, CMF full-automatic third dimension, or 2.5 dimension, their fundamental function is to better detect workpieces and provide guarantee for safe production of products. Therefore, precision measuring instruments are indispensable in modern industrial production.