Working range
X/Y/Ztraverse path 660/900/520 Unit:mm Y:before-A-axis ,400,behind-A-axis ,500
A-center to table 100 Unit:mm  
Distance spindle to table Min150-Max670 Unit:mm  
Diameter of the rotary table Φ650 Unit:mm  
Diameter of C-axis maximum rotary space Φ850 Unit:mm  
Table max load 1000 Unit:KG  
Cutting-tool interface HSK-A63    
Torque S1/S6 83/125 Unit:NM  
Speed max 18000 Unit:RPM  
Power 30 Unit:KW  
Through-spindle-coolant available    
NC Swivel-and-rotary table
A swivel range ± 140⁰    
A speed max 30 Unit:RPM  
C rotary range N×360⁰    
C speed max 100 Unit:RPM  
A motor DDR  ×2 2110NM×2  
C motor DDR 964NM  
Tool interface HSK-A63    
Tool positions 36T    
Max. Tool diameter 80MM    
Max. Tool length 300MM    
Max. Tool weight 10KG    
Machine size&weight(not including machine accessories)
width 2250 Unit: mm  
length 3800 Unit: mm  
Height: spindle up & down 2720~3250 Unit: mm  
weight About 13 Unit: Ton  
Power 380v in phase 3   150KW  
Compressed air 6-8kgf/cm²    
Machine lubrication T68 guide rail oil    
Spindle cooling 5#Spindle oil    
Table cooling  distilled water    


THREE. Standard configuration and the major components

No. items quantity Note
1 SIEMENS 840D system 1 set  
2 Fully enclosed, uncapped, body sheet metal 1set  
3 Full-area stainless steel protection in the working area 1set  
4 AC 3DDR,A-Axis has 2 DDR 1set  
5 Z-axis tool setter 1  
6 HSK-A63/18000rpm Motor-spindle 1  
7 HSK-A63 tool magazines 1  
8 Linear guide:X/Y/Z:55 RG ×1 /55RG ×2/45 RG ×4 1set  
9 Guide screw(double nut)X/Y/Z:R40-16/R40-16×2/R40-16 1set  
10 Centralized  automatic lubrication 1  
11 High pressure coolant pump 2  
12 Mist extraction unit 1set  
13 Oil and water separation system 1set  
14 Chip conveyor 1set  
15 Three-color indicator light、High-brightness LED lighting 1set  
16 Thermostatic coolers 1set  
17 Electric cabinet air conditioning 1  
18 XYZAC, grating scale,Circular encoder for closed-loop control 1set  
19 tool case,Supporting tools  1set  


FOUR. Options

No. items quantity Note
1 Extension tool magazines    
2 3D touch probe    
3 Laser tool-measuring unit    
4   safety door latch    
5 automatic door    
6 Automatic ceiling    
7 CNC SYTSTEM Siemens 840D OR HNC 848    
CNC System
Five-axis anti-collision,DCM    
9 Online measurement compensation、3D-ToolComp    
10 3-D Space compensation     
11  DNC    
12  software service      
13 Post software    


FIVE. Customer Preparations


No. items requirement Note
1 Plant foundation The maximum lifting part weight approximately 20T  
2 Power cable 16mm²*3+10mm²*Power supply cord (five-core)  
3  compressed air 1.Air source filtration accuracy 100μm2.air pipeinternal diameter 10mm, pressure 6-8kgf/cm²3.Dry filter device  
4 Equipment oil TECHNICAL DATA page 4  
5 Transportation conditions 1.transportation way according to the plant and surrounding road conditions2.Meet the net transport size of the maximum component of the machine tool3.Check the lifting method according to the actual height of the plant  
6 Machine tool operation 1.Corresponding programming and machine operation technicians2.Programming computer3.cutter, cutter holder,measurement,etc.