Intelligent measurement to promote the high-quality development of China's manufacturing

Metrology is the science of measuring, and it is the pillar on which all sciences rely for their development.The 2023 World Metrology Day in China is themed "Metrology Helps Chinese path to modernization" to make more people realize the changing trend of measurement technology in today's society and the advantages brought by intelligent transformation.

At present, high-quality development is the only way for China's manufacturing industry, and industrial measurement and testing are key links to ensure the quality of industrial component processing.In the face of high-quality and diverse user needs, high-precision and flexible automated measurement has emerged and has been increasingly widely applied in the process of part manufacturing.

Smart measurement empowers industrial transformation and leads to a new future of intelligent manufacturing

In the direction of intelligent automated measurement, Rhine has been adhering to the principle of early deployment and good layout, creating online measurement solutions based on customer needs, gradually realizing the intelligent application of three-dimensional coordinates, image instruments, and 3D scanners, and developing automated matching control systems and software that can achieve interconnection with various industrial software, promote technological innovation and transformation in the measurement process, and develop a number of intelligent detection application solutions.

Case application case

Mold automatic testing production line

In the layout of intelligent manufacturing production lines for molds, Rhine has a mature online measurement solution. Through an integrated production line of "CNC machining-three-dimensional coordinate detection-electrical discharge", the equipment utilization rate of the three types of equipment has been increased by 2-3 times.This greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of detection, helping enterprises to form standardized design, material preparation, processing, monitoring specifications and processes.

At present, the production line has served as an automation production line for 30 customers in the mold industry, covering most of the well-known mold customers in China.

Semiconductor automation production line

In the semiconductor industry, it is worth mentioning a well-known semiconductor company in Dongguan. In 2022, the company implemented a fully automated measurement production line with multiple CROMA measuring machines online, fully achieving unattended measurement, with an efficiency 100% higher than traditional measurement. It is the first intelligent three-dimensional production line of our company in the semiconductor industry.The solution has been highly recognized by customers and has played a benchmarking role in semiconductor solution applications.

At present, Rhine has successfully deployed a number of intelligent automation solutions in various industries, such as aerospace and aviation parts online inspection solutions, multiple flexible automation inspection solutions, intelligent online inspection solutions for workshops, and highly flexible automatic loading and unloading inspection solutions. Rhine uses a more intelligent and efficient approach to enhance customers' production capacity and comprehensive capabilities, playing a significant role in improving quality and consistency, reducing quality loss, improving inspection efficiency and equipment OEE, realizing digitalization and traceability, and saving manpower and reducing skill requirements for customers.

With the continuous development of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet technology, automation and intelligent measurement will become one of the important technological directions for China's manufacturing industry, which will greatly promote the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry.TÜV Rheinland will provide comprehensive quality inspection solutions for China's manufacturing industry around intelligent measurement and automated measurement technology, and help China's manufacturing industry embark on a new journey of high-quality development.