The whole machine has a compact structure, reduces the floor space of the workshop, anoadopts the linear quide rail design to ensure the stability of the movement. lt is a high-precision measuring equipment that meets the production and measurement requirementsof users in the workshop.

Compact structure, saving space:

The on-site line-rail coordinate measuringmachine has a compact structure, which greatlysaves the use space.In addition, you can freelychoose the integrated computer system or theseparated computer desk.

Vibration isolation system:

Ilt is tolerant to measuring environment evenIt can also be measured indoors at 15°C to 30℃

You can move lightly and flexibly if you want:

On-site line-rail CMM can be equipped withfootmaster caster, which is easy to move.

Damping system and linear guide rail,always excellent and accurate measurement:

On-site line-rail CMM contains vibrationdamping and isolation system,which caneffectively reduce the vibration duringmeasurement, so as to achieve high stabilitymeasurement.In addition, the high-precisionlinear quide rail also greatly increases thestability and ensures the stability of long-termmeasurement process.


Model Measuring range Accuracy CZ10T+CF20 Accuracy PH10M+SP25 Size Weight
X axis Y axis Z axis MPEe MPEp MPEe MPEp
Shop floor CMM 454 400 500 320  3.5+L/300 4.0 - - 1000*1240*2100 710